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At our all new Jedi training Party, the most exciting children’s party in the Galaxy. If your little ones are Star wars fans this is definately for them.

Join Jedi Master Wind walker and Jedi Master Dark Star in a fun-filled training session. At the end for those brave enough an encounter with the original dark lord. Vader.

Jedi Party UK -Jedi themed parties for kids who are huge star wars fans

Give your kid a party they will remember and be talking about with their friends for a long time afterwards.

We have taken our Jedi Parties all around the UK and can travel to accommodate your child's next birthday or event!

Each party is different but they all include several Jedi themed activities including Lightsabre Training, Jedi stealth training and Jedi Mindfulness. Each participating child will get to wear Jedi robes for the duration of the party and also get their own Lightsabre that they can keep (which is much better than a party bag).

Our Jedi Parties are aimed at children who are fans of Star Wars and are suitable for children of all ages as all of our activities can be tailored towards any age group.

So what are you waiting for? Book our Jedi Party today and make your kids next birthday party one filled with laughter, smiles and lightsabres.

Would you like to know more? For any information regarding our Jedi Parties, or to book, don't hesitate to contact us.

Contact us anytime on 07818 456 109

Jedi Party UK- Jedi themed kids parties in Hampshire.

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